Pricing Policy

 Website Translation and Localization:
 Translation of your web page, Company website means to go global and reach potential visitors and customers from various parts of the world.

Our professional website translation team will make your website speak the customer's native language.
Take advantage of this great opportunity to sell products and services on world markets, making your website International and multilingual.

Website Translation and Localization Rates
Personal web page Translation - $ 0.03 USD
( per source word service rate).
Corporate Website Translation - $ 0.07 USD
( per source word service rate ).
Website Localization in Details:
VTC Company staff will ensure that translations are professional, accurate, precise and adequate in style. The integrity of the Website will be maintained and all the translations will be properly localized to suit your target visitors and potential clients globally.
We work with multiple file formats:
Plain Text, XML, CSS, HTML, etc.
Conditions of payment - 100% advance payment.

Pricing Policy


Business Web Portal Translation:
VTC Global Company offers Russian - English business website translation and professional localization services.
Drive more visitors to Your websites and increase the ranking of your resources.

Russian - English Website Translation:
Website Translation - $ 0.03 USD
( per source word service rate ).
Data Base Translation and Localization:
Regular service rate - $ 0.07 USD
( per source word service rate).
We provide our clients with cost-effective, unique Data Base translation services.
Our well-qualified translators will perform English - Russian and Russian - English translations of your data bases. Get the benefits of using database information in English and Russian languages to boost your business and receive more profits.

Additional Service: Web Hosting

VTC Company offers multiple hosting options available on Ukrainian market.
Service Rate - Negotiable
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