VTC Company - offers Lugansk city translators, Lugansk Interpreters for business, social and personal meetings in Lugansk. We also help travellers with Flat or apartment rentals in Lugansk Ukraine, Lugansk Travel assistance & city Guides.

   Lugansk Interpreters in Ukraine:
English to Russian, Ukrainian Interpreter Service
Russian, Ukrainian to English Interpreter Service
 Flats and Apartments in Lugansk
Our Translators and Interpreters will assist you in finding apartments in Lugansk Ukraine . If you plan to visit Luhansk or you are in the city - we can help you with a flat / apartment rent in Luhansk .
Call worldwide: +38095-21-77-999

  Individual (whispered, elbow) Interpreting:

The interpreter simultaneously translates whatever the speaker says in a low voice. This is appropriate in case immediate understanding and responses are required e.g. negotiations, cultural events, private appointments, discussions.
 Lugansk Ukraine Guide & Interpreter help:
* Lugansk guide/interpreter for tourists & visitors
that come to Ukraine. Private Excursions,Lugansk city tour guide for your visit to Lugansk Ukraine.
Guide Rates are calculated individually per order.

  Lugansk translator and Flat rent

Our Interpreting Services are available in Lugansk and Lugansk region at basic Lugansk Prices and no extra charge. Interpreters in Kiev: our Services in Kiev
Flexible Service Prices:
Flat daily rate and per hour based rates now available to our clients. Flat daily rate and per hour rate are individual ones and will be surely different for each client.

Services of Lugansk Interpreters:
( Interpreters for private appointments in city, socializing, all sorts of informal meetings wit friends, women, etc).
Rates are calculated individually per order.

Interpreters for Business in Lugansk - These are the services for business settings. ( business VIP appointments, socializing, all sorts of business meetings).
Rates are calculated individually per order.

Available in Lugansk Ukraine and region.
Order Lugansk Interpreter in Ukraine:
Lugansk interpreter, Lugansk guide
Call: +38095-21-77-999
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