VTC Company - provides translation samples of economic, technical, juridical, sociological & scientific assignments for our potential clients. All the samples are Win Word or Win Excell zip archive files.

  English - Russian Translation Samples:
  Specific Topic - Economy.
Economic Sample Translation 1 --------  Download
Economic Sample Translation 2 --------  Download
Economic Sample Translation 3 --------  Download
  Specific Topic - Law and Legal issues.
Juridical  Sample  Translation 1  --------  Download
Juridical  Sample  Translation 2  --------  Download
  Specific Topic - Technical issues.
Technical  Sample Translation 1  -------  Download
Technical  Sample Translation 2  -------  Download
Technical  Sample Translation 3  -------  Download
Technical  Sample Translation 4  -------  Download
  Specific Topic - Language Studies.
Languages Sample Translation    ------  Download
  Specific Topic - Country Studies.
Country Studies Sample Translation --  Download
  Specific Topic - Song Lyrics.
Song Lyrics Sample Translation --------  Download
  Specific Topic - Psychology.
Psychological Sample Translation 1  --  Download
Psychological Sample Translation 2  --  Download

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We provide our clients with cost-effective and accurate translations worldwide.
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We make sure your information is kept safe and secure in our company.
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The company staff commence working on your translation assignment the moment we receive source documents.
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Every client gets 100% attention.

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