Personal Translation Services

  VTC Company - provides adequate and accurate Russian and English translations to our clients. It's a qualified and professional translation vendor.

     Translation Language Pairs:
English to Russian, Ukrainian Translations
Russian, Ukrainian to English Translations
Russian to Ukrainian Translations
Ukrainian to Russian Translations

 Translation Services and Sources:

  Private documents and correspondence:
  Identification documents (passport; birth certificate; driving license), marriage certificate,adoption certificate,death certificate,divorce certificate;

  As well as poems,songs; ads; articles;web pages; autobiographies;letters of attorney; business cards; CVs; personal and dating correspondence etc.

  Translation of Educational documents:

 High School Diplomas; Institute Diplomas; University Diplomas; College Diplomas; profession certifications ; employment forms and applications ; transcripts and various types of certificates.

 Translation of documents and papers:

Research projects; annotations; reviews; appraisals;
Business Translation Services

  Translation of Business documents.

  Contracts; application forms; references; letters of inquiry; business offers; price lists; packing lists; specifications; invoices;CMR; certificates; letter of complaint; letter of acceptance;notes,
business correspondence and letters.

Translation of Marketing means :

Business ads, TV and radio commercials; Desktop publishing- advertising means (brochures, catalogs, leaflets,flyers);

Industry-specific texts (medical, economic, technical, juridical, scientific);

Web-site Translation & Localization:

Translation and localization of corporate web-sites, web pages and data bases.


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Russian Letter Translation
Correspondence, E-mails, English Personal Letters and Mail .

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English to Russian Letters.

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