VTC Company - offers high-quality Interpreting Services for business, social, cultural and personal meetings in Ukraine. Qualified interpreters provided for negotiations and private appointments will play significant role in all-important communication.

   Interpreting Service Features:
English to Russian Interpreting Service
Russian to English Interpreting Service

 Consecutive Interpreting Service:

The interpreter takes notes while the speaker makes his speech and later repeats the translated source after the speaker completes his speech. This is used for short speeches at meetings.

  Individual (whispered, elbow) Interpreting:

The interpreter simultaneously translates whatever the speaker says in a low voice. This is appropriate in case immediate understanding and responses are required e.g. negotiations, cultural events, private appointments, discussions.

 Guide Interpreting Service:

An interpreter accompanies visitors from abroad
that come to Ukraine for the foreigners to communicate freely with locals and enjoy their comfortable stay during the visit. Interpreter and a client are the partners in achieving common goals.

  Regional Service Availability:

Our Interpreting Services are available in Ukraine, Lugansk and Lugansk region at basic rates and no extra charge. Donetsk and Donetsk region for a reasonable negotiable surcharge to basic rates. Other Regions of Ukraine - Charges are Negotiable. Additional fees may include board and bed, transport and other concomitant expenses of Interpreters .

Lugansk Translator Service

Interpreting Services rates are calculated individually for clients on per order basis, depending on duration & complexity.
Additional Service on offer:
Recording of the source speech and its subsequent interpretation .

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Russian Letter Translation
Correspondence, E-mails, English Personal Letters and Mail .

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English to Russian Letters.

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